Bassinet vs Crib

Bassinet vs Crib: A Detailed Comparison

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The arrival of a new member of the family is a thrilling experience for a couple, especially since every small thing will get you excited and concerned at the same time. Meanwhile, building a nursery is probably the first thing you’ll think of, and what does the baby mostly do in the nursery? Yes, sleep, but to ensure good sleep, you’ll have to first choose between a bassinet vs crib.

Do you know a healthy baby needs around 16 hours of sleep during the first year? This is why it is important to create an environment that assists in ensuring deep sleep. As such, we’ve collected the information you’ll need about cribs and bassinets and placed it face to face so that you can choose the best for your baby.

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Bassinet vs Crib: The Faceoff

Basically, bassinets and cribs are small beds for your baby. Bassinets are relatively small, with overcovers and side vents to keep your baby protected. Also, bassinets have movable bases or wheels attached to their legs for maneuverability.

On the other hand, cribs are larger and made out of wood or metal. They have a strong body with railings to support and protect your baby when they roll over. You can also remove its legs and sides when not in use.

Here’s a list of features you should look for in a baby bed. Let’s see whether a crib or bassinet gets a better score at each of them.

1. Versatility

This is an appreciable trait in most products because it means you’ll get more than what you pay for. If you are looking for a multipurpose baby bed, then bassinets are the right pick.

You can use them as changing stations, playpens, and co-sleep areas for your baby. This makes them great for home and travel usage.

On the contrary, cribs are not versatile at all. They cannot double up as anything but a bed for your baby to sleep in. Nevertheless, cribs are essential because they are suitable for your baby until they are about 12 months old.

Bassinets are smaller. Therefore, your baby will outgrow it much sooner. So for long term use, a crib is a better idea.

2. Accessibility

Both bassinets and cribs are accessible in their own way, but bassinets outdo cribs in this case. That is because they are smaller in size.

As such, you can easily set them up beside or on your bed for co-sleep. This means you can handle those midnight tantrums and soothe your baby without having to go far. Also, cribs are tall and if you’ve had a cesarean surgery, lifting and placing your baby in a crib can be painful.

Apart from that, you can’t carry your crib along with you everywhere, so you may end up disturbing your active schedule in the first few months. With a bassinet, things are relatively easier.

You can also take it anywhere you like, and most bassinets have room to store essentials. Thus, they can double up as a baby bag as well.

3. Safety

The main concern of parents is the safety of their babies. When it comes to sleep safety, there are many recommendations pediatricians make for parents to follow.

One is that you should share the room with your baby while sleeping, but they should sleep in their own small beds to avoid any contamination. Also, crib bumpers, stuff toys, and position aiders are not advised. This means that whether you keep your baby in a crib or bassinet, you should make sure your baby is comfortable.

Apart from that, doctors advise against the use of co-sleeping devices for newborn children. So, bassinets that can be folded into small co-sleep beds are not a very good idea for home use. However, it’s ok if you carry them during travel.

Now that you know how both of these products are different from each other, let’s have a look at them individually. This will help you understand their respective features clearly.

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The Bassinet

Bassinets are versatile little beds for your babies. You can carry them around with you when you’re out, and place them in your bedroom to keep your baby close to you. In any way, they’re best if being around your baby at all times is your number one priority.

  • Basic Features

Bassinets come with a wide range of interesting features. Some of them come with thermally insulated pockets to keep the baby food warm when you’re on the go. Most importantly, they are small in size.

Your baby has just come out from the comfort of their room, and the nice cozy space a bassinet will provide is enough to keep them relaxed. Similarly, it supports the baby's sleeping position in a natural way and provides maximum protection.

  • Price

Coming to the affordability, bassinets are available at all price ranges but you can usually afford them because they are meant for a few months of use. Eventually, your baby will outgrow your bassinet, so don’t spend too much on one.


  • Multipurpose
  • Portable
  • Easy to manage your baby from it
  • Can be kept close to mommy and daddy


  • Short-term use
  • Can carry limited weight

The Crib

No matter how many advantages a bassinet has, the truth is, every little one needs a crib. It’s spacious and well-protected, so it’ll give your baby their own little space to play, sleep, and explore.

  • Basic Features

Apart from its staunch protection and a larger area, the main advantage of a crib is that it’ll last longer. An average baby will grow out of a bassinet in six to four months, while a crib can continue to be their bed until they're two. That’s quite a difference.

Apart from that, if you have a nursery, you should adorn it with a crib. This will train your baby to sleep all by themselves from a tender age.

In addition, cribs are made from strong materials, so if your baby is mischievous, you don’t have to worry that the crib will succumb under the weight of their activities. Instead, the crib will support their movements no matter how much they roll or turn over.

  • Price

Compared to bassinets, cribs are expensive. It’s a big investment you’ll be making, as it’s practically a piece of furniture for your nursery. So, if you’re looking for a cheap solution, a crib is not the thing for you.


  • Can be converted to a bed later
  • Durable
  • Will carry your baby regardless of size and weight


  • Bulky; will take up space
  • Cannot be folded up or kept aside when not in use

Which Is the Best?

You have all the information now about bassinet vs crib, and you know your baby well. Both bassinets and cribs are great options for your little ones, and all you have to do is see what fits your baby.

If you plan on long-term use and have a strong, adventurous baby, then go for a crib. If you’re an active person and want to move around with your baby, or you wish to keep your baby close, the bassinet is the option for you.

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