Graco Pack n Playard with Twins Bassinet Review

Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twins Bassinet Review

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Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twins Bassinet: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Portable yet roomy
  • Saves space
  • Comes with machine-washable accessories
  • Easy transition to a playard

What We Don't Like

  • Bassinet share the same bottom, so it is hard to repack them
  • Only Graco’s Pack ‘n Play sheets fit the mattress

According to an estimate, each hour one infant is brought to the emergency ward after falling down from a crib or playpen. In other words, almost 10,000 toddlers receive injuries while sleeping, playing or by getting wedged in cribs or playpens. This is why a good and safe crib or kids playard matters a lot for parents.

A good crib should have:

  • Dense and firm mattress
  • Rightly placed crib bars
  • Solid headboards
  • No bumper, nail or a drop-side.

The good news is, Graco offers all of these features to your babies. Therefore, we have reviewed Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twin Bassinet for your twins.

Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twins Bassinet Review

When it comes to the safest baby products, the US-based brand Graco leads the list. For more than 60 years, Graco has been providing practical, thoughtful and dependable parenting solutions to numerous couples around the world. Moreover, the brand has won awards for its products, which makes it a recognized and trusted brand worldwide.

From car seats, strollers and play yards to high chairs, swings, and nurseries, Graco has everything for your babies. Likewise, the Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twins Bassinet promises a safe and comfortable time for your twins.

  • Material: Made up of imported metal and plastic, the product ensures maximum safety and comfort to your new ones. All of its parts meet the government standards, so you can easily rely on the product.
  • Color: You can get this product either in Mason or Vance colors. Also, the Graco prints matching bed sheets for its mattresses, which are available in light colors. While the mason and Vance color keep it stylish, light-colored bed sheets complement the bassinet interior. Above all, these colors perfectly blend with your house interior.
  • Playard: Carefully designed for your twins, the playard can accommodate kids who are still unable to climb. Also, its floor features a Pack ‘n Play mattress that reduces the chances of accidents and injuries. The easy transition system also lets you effortlessly convert the product into play yard for your little ones. Just remove the bassinet from the top and let your twins enjoy their play time.
  • Twin Bassinet: The quilted bassinets with Pack ‘n Play mattress let your twin have a cozy and sound sleep. Plus, its firm yet comfortable design keeps your twins from rolling down to the center of the mattress. Hence, it is perfect for your twins’ nap.
  • Mattress Pad: To ensure maximum safety of your infants, the product features Graco’s quilted mattress pads. These prevent your kids from suffocation while napping and thus reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) while sleeping.
  • Convenient: Want your kids to play in playard? Just remove the bassinet to convert the product into playard. Second, the side latches and carrying bag make your traveling and storage easier. Lastly, the handy folding wheels help you to move the product conveniently from room to room.
  • Canopies: The removable canopies keep the bright light from your twins which let them sleep peacefully. Also, these canopies shield your infants against the blinding sunbeam, which make them ideal for the safety of your toddlers’ eyes and skin.
  • Ventilation: The playard is all surrounded with meshy, soft fabric. It prevents the chances of suffocation while playing in the playpen. Plus, the mesh fabric allows fresh air to flow through the twins' bassinet.
  • Easy to Clean: All of its parts and accessories are easy to clean. You can use damp cloth or sponge to clean the playard. Further, you can apply any household soap or detergent on its metallic and plastic parts. You can also machine wash the carry bag in lukewarm water. However, the mattresses are not waterproof. But you can use Graco’s waterproof bedsheets for easy cleanup.
  • Measurements: Weighing almost 30 pounds, the product is quite lightweight and handy for traveling. With 34 x 35 x 46 inches dimensions, the product is spacious enough for your twins.


Looking for something cozy, safe and stylish for your newborn twins? You can trust on Graco Pack ‘n Playard with Twin Bassinet. Available in Vance and Mason colors, the product is designed with a plastic and metal body. Due to its firm mattress, quilted bassinet and spacious play yard, this product is ideal for your kids.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Before making your final choice, we want you to know why we think Graco Pack ‘n Playard is an ideal product for your twins. For that reason, we have compared it with a similar option available in the market—the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center.

Although both of the products are available in an almost similar price range, the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center features only one color. Both brands also feature a similar design like the removable bassinet and ventilated playard, the one from Graco is quite spacious for twins. Its simple and contemporary design lets your kids sleep and play easily.

Additionally, the accessories of Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center are not machine washable, so you have to be careful while cleaning its accessories. The product also features a flip away changing table, an organizer and a music center. However, these accessories make the product a little bit heavier (~43 lbs) than the Graco’s (~30 lbs). Hence, the Graco Pack ‘n Playard wins the race when it comes to portability.

Another major difference between the products is its design. The Graco’s is designed with smooth curves which ensure maximum safety of your kids. This helps avoid the possibility of your kids getting injured due to pointed or harsh edges. On the other hand, the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center lacks smooth curves as well as Graco's curvy design that makes the product look contemporary.


The Graco Pack ‘n Playard promises a safe and peaceful for your twins. In addition, your kids can play comfortably in playard. If you want healthy and reliable bedding for your twins, then this Pack ‘n Playard makes the right option for you.

To conclude, the Pack ‘n Playard with Twin Bassinet gives everything you need for your twins and that too at affordable price.

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