Green Frog Lily Pod Baby Bassinet Review

Green Frog Lily Pod Baby Bassinet Review

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Green Frog Lily Pod Baby Bassinet: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Provides a gentle rocking motion
  • Very easy to clean
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Includes premium-quality sheet and mattress
  • A breeze to assemble or take apart

What We Don't Like

  • Not as mobile as other designs
  • May be too pricey for some

A bassinet can be an extremely useful product during the first few months of baby’s life. Smaller and more compact than a traditional crib, it can often be set up in your bedroom, allowing baby to sleep as close to his parents as possible.

Using a bassinet can help to cut down on your nocturnal travel time as you handle nighttime feeds and overnight diaper changes. You also get the added security and peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping right there in your bedroom with you.

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into the features and design of the Lily Pod Baby Bassinet by Green Frog. Could this be the best bassinet for you and your baby? Read on to find out!

Green Frog Lily Pod Baby Bassinet Review

The Lily Pod Baby Bassinet by Green Frog is of a more solid and heavier design than some other products on the market. It is equipped with rocker feet, a very solid and secure base, and nice high sidewalls for added security.

This bassinet also has soft mesh panel windows for breathability. Moving it from one place to another is also not a problem since it only weighs around 15 pounds. In addition to being lightweight, it also has a small set of wheels that can be popped out of the rocker feet for added ease of mobility.

Who Is This Product For?

Despite the small wheels, this is simply not as mobile as many other styles of bassinets. Yes, you will be able to move it around the home easily enough, but taking it outside is not as simple or as easy.

This is, therefore, very much a bassinet for parents who are looking for a more permanent fixture that will be used mostly inside the house, such as in your or the baby’s bedroom.

Overview of the Features

We were impressed with the sheer range of features that have been packed into this excellent design. For one, any bassinet with a built-in rocking feature is going to grab our attention, since it is proven to be a great way to help get temperamental youngsters off to sleep.

The fact that all the fabrics can be simply unzipped from the frame and machine-washed is a very useful feature too. That design choice results in a bassinet that is extremely easy to keep clean, which is always a great feature to see. We would have liked to see a little more mesh in the sidewalls if possible, but at least those two, small, mesh windows were added for a little extra breathability.

It’s not the smallest design in the world, and even with the built-in wheels, it may be hard to fit it in and move around in a smaller room. As a high-quality, premium item, it is also packing a premium price tag to go with it.

That being said, the relatively high sidewalls—at least for a bassinet—means this bed can handle little ones up to six months of age. That is a longer lifespan than you will get with many similar products, so it does go a little way to offset the price tag.

How to Use This Bassinet

It goes without saying that the early months of a newborn’s life is when babies are at their most vulnerable. The sleeping arrangements for a bassinet are the same as for a crib, so it is well worth reviewing the most up-to-date, safe sleeping arrangements and advice for newborn babies.

Additionally, you should also always remember that a bassinet is only for the first few months of your baby’s life. When he starts to roll over, sit, or even stand up unaided, it is time to switch them to the higher sides and greater security of a traditional crib.


By now, you will have probably picked up that we are very fond of this bassinet design! That being said, there are a few weaknesses here and there too. Its main weakness is the fact it is, as we have mentioned above, very much a house-bound style of bassinet.

If you need one that is far more mobile, or if you are looking for one that can be brought to the park or to another house for just a few hours, then we would suggest looking at the Bassinet To-Go Metro from Lulyboo.

This bassinet is not a long-term unit, as most bassinets are not. Due to its design, it is only really suitable for occasional and short-term use. It is, however, extremely easy to pack up and carry around, making it the perfect companion to the larger, bulkier style of bassinet by Green Frog.


The Lily Pod Baby Bassinet may very well be one of the best bassinets on the market today. It is simply bursting with useful features, very well designed, strongly constructed, and looks great too!

Although it is not the cheapest one on the market, if your budget can afford it, then know that this really is a very high-quality product that will provide a safe and comfortable sleeping area for your baby’s first months.

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