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When to Move Baby from Bassinet to a Crib?

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Many new parents choose to have their baby sleep in a bassinet for the first few months as they offer many benefits compared to a crib. If you have decided to invest in a bassinet too, then you may be wondering when to move baby from bassinet to crib. How can you tell when the time is right?

This article looks at how to easily identify when your baby is ready to be moved to a crib. It also lists some of the things that you can do to make the transition easier for both of you.

From Bassinet to Crib

In an ideal world, your baby would stay in their bassinet until they are six months old as it is recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for this whole time. The majority of babies, however, will need to be moved to a crib by around four months old.

Then again, we do not live in a perfect world. Knowing when to move baby from bassinet to crib requires looking at different factors that affect this decision.

When to Move Baby from Bassinet to a Crib 2

1. Size

It is quite possible that your baby will physically outgrow the bassinet before six months. Some babies are taller or just generally bigger than others, so you may be forced to move them into their crib sooner than you’d like.

If your baby’s head or feet touch the ends of the bassinet, then they are too big for it. This can happen as early as two months old, and if it does, then you will have to squeeze the crib into your bedroom somehow so that your baby isn’t sleeping alone.

2. Weight

Your baby should be getting weighed regularly to ensure they are putting on a healthy amount of weight. In fact, it’s a good idea for you to keep track of how much they weigh from week to week. Your baby will grow and gain weight very fast, so it’s important to keep an eye on their increasing weight in relation to the recommended weight limit of the bassinet.

Check whether the bassinet you are using has a weight limit as most bassinets that have a stand will have a weight limit of around 15 to 20 pounds. The manufacturer’s guidelines should contain the information you need.

3. Mobility

If your baby is able to sit up independently, they should already be sleeping in a crib for their safety. Bassinets have shallower sides than cribs, which, while making it much easier for you to pick them up out of it, also means that there is a slight danger of them falling out or tipping their bassinet over.

If your baby is starting to move freely by rolling over and trying to sit up, then you should move them from the bassinet and into a crib sooner rather than later.

When to Move Baby from Bassinet to a Crib 3

How It’s Done

Making the move from a bassinet to a crib can be really easy for some parents and much harder for others. Letting your baby get used to their crib before moving them permanently can help the transition.

Here are three other tips that can help:

1. Naps

When your baby is already falling asleep, try putting them down in the crib for a nap from time to time. This will help your baby get used to sleeping and waking up in their crib. As a result, his first night’s sleep in his crib won’t seem so alien to him.

2. Tummy Time

Some parents will use the crib for safe and comfortable tummy times for their baby. Tummy time is important for your baby’s development and strength as they learn and build up the muscles to hold their head up.

The crib is a safe place to have tummy time as the baby can’t roll over and fall. The crib is also cleaner and more comfortable than the floor, and because they are raised off the floor, you will find it easier to keep eye contact with them as they stretch their little necks up to look at you.

However, there are also some parents who don’t like using the cot for this. They think that sticking to naps is the way forward so that the crib stays strictly used for sleeping.

3. Blankets

Use blankets that make your baby feel cozier, such as swaddling blankets and sleep sacks. Babies like to be cozy and while they’ll never be as cozy as they were in your womb, using blankets to swaddle them is the next best thing.


So, if you’re wondering when to move baby from bassinet to crib, then it’s quite simple really! By keeping an eye on their size, weight, and mobility, it is easy to identify when your baby has outgrown his bassinet.

Some babies can be too big for their bassinet at just two months old, while others will be able to sleep in their bassinets until they are ready to be moved into their own room, which is at around six months old.

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