Bassinet to Crib: When Is Baby Too Big for Bassinet?

A bassinet to Crib: When Is Baby Too Big for Bassinet? Becoming a new parent can be a daunting prospect, especially when everyone around you has differing advice on your new baby’s expected feeding, sleeping, and even pooping habits.

When it comes to sleeping, many parents swear by having a bassinet for the first few months while others say they are a waste of money. In this article, we look at the main benefits of having a bassinet over a crib, when is a baby too big for bassinet, and many handy tips to help you both make the move.

The Benefits of Using a Bassinet

The main reason a bassinet is preferred by more parents as compared to a crib is its size. The size of your baby’s sleeping spot can affect many things. Here are some of them:

  • Having your baby right next to your bed makes it easier to soothe him in the middle of the night when he wakes up. If you don’t have a large master bedroom, then a bassinet is much easier to make space for.
  • A bassinet is more portable than a crib. This means that you can carry your baby around the house with you as you get on with the day’s chores while he sleeps in his bassinet.
  • The womb-like size of a bassinet means that your baby will feel and look cozier when they sleep. Some parents find that their baby will go to sleep much easier in a bassinet than they will in a huge crib.
  • The shallow sides of a bassinet also make it easier to lift your baby out and put them back down to sleep. If you have had a complicated or cesarean birth, then a bassinet may even become a necessity for this reason.



Knowing When to Move Baby Bassinet to Crib

It is recommended that you have your baby sleep in the same room as you until they are at least six months old. In an ideal world, they can stay in their bassinet for this whole time, but you should move them to a crib beside your bed if they outgrow the bassinet before then.

When is a baby too big for a bassinet? Well, there are a number of ways that you can tell when your baby is ready to be moved to a crib. This is usually based on their size, weight, or mobility.


This one is pretty obvious, but sometimes, a baby will physically outgrow their bassinet at just a couple of months old. Your baby’s head and feet shouldn’t touch the ends of the bassinet.

With this said, if one or both is touching, then your baby is too big for a bassinet. For this reason, you will need to upgrade them to a crib beside your bed so that they can stretch out and sleep comfortably.


Check to see if your bassinet has a recommended weight limit. Depending on the bassinet, the limit can be anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. If your baby becomes heavier than the weight recommended for the bassinet, then it’s time to move him to a crib.


If your baby starts to support their own weight more quickly, whether it be sitting up or rolling over on their own, then they should also be moved to a crib for their safety.

Your baby will be safer sleeping in a crib, which has deeper sides than a bassinet. If he can move about freely on his own and is, therefore, at risk of falling from his bed or tipping the bassinet over, then he definitely needs to be moved from a bassinet to a crib.

From Bassinet to Crib: Transitioning Tips

Putting your baby down to sleep somewhere different can be a little scary for him at first, and you might find it hard to settle him in his new bed. Try helping the transition by getting them used to their crib first.

Use the crib for tummy time

In the months leading up to the move, try letting them have some tummy time in the crib. This is so that the environment isn’t alien to them when the time for the move comes.

Use the crib for naps

Aside from introducing the crib via doing tummy time, you can also put him down in his crib for a couple of daytime naps. Similar to the previous item, this is also so that he gets used to falling asleep and waking up there.

Use a sleep sack

Sleepsacks and swaddling blankets are not only much safer bedding options for your baby than standard blankets, but they will also help to make your baby feel cozier and more protected.

Final Thoughts: When Is Baby Too Big for Bassinet?

It is quite easy to identify when your baby is ready to make the move from bassinet to crib based on their size, weight, and mobility. In some cases, babies will outgrow their bassinet at just two months old due to their size and/or weight.

It is possible, however, to keep your baby in a bassinet for up to six months, although most are ready to be moved at around the four-month mark due to advances in mobility that usually happen around this age. In the end, we can only provide you tips. The final decision rests upon you and only you.

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