Best Bassinet for Newborn 2022 Reviews

Best Bassinet for Newborn

The first few months of a newborn’s life can be the hardest for parents. Constant night feeds and diaper changes can see mom and dad hauled from bed at all hours of the night, traipsing off to the baby’s room multiple times. Since it is far smaller and more mobile than a full-size crib, the best bassinet for newborns can really be of help here. It can be set upright in your bedroom by your bedside.

A bassinet can also be extremely useful when traveling with young children. They are often extremely mobile and easy to use while proving comfort and protection to the baby. There is a vast range of these useful products on the market today, so the aim of this guide is to help you in your search for the best bassinet designed for newborn babies.

Best Bassinet for Newborn Reviews 2022


1. Green Frog Lily Pod Bassinet

Green Frog Lily Pod Bassinet

We will kick off our list with this beautiful bassinet from Green Frog. The Lily Pod Bassinet is more of a home-use product than the rest of the items on this list. While it comes with a high-end, premium price tag, does it bring enough features to be the best bassinet for your baby?

Green Frog Lily Pod Bassinet Review

A bassinet with the ability to rock is always going to be popular with us! A rocking motion can, after all, be a great way to help the baby get off to sleep. This is a larger and heavier style of bassinet than the others. However, it is made to be easy to move around, thanks to its set of wheels attached to the feet.

This bassinet is strong and sturdy. The high sidewalls mean that it is suitable for a baby up to six months old, providing quite a long lifespan for such a product.

It’s good that there is some mesh in the sidewalls, but for us, we would have appreciated a bit more for added breathability in the design. We were very impressed with the fact that the entire bedding area can be removed from the aluminum frame and machine-washed, making this the most easy-to-clean bassinet on this list.



  • Provides a gentle rocking motion
  • Very easy to clean
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Includes premium-quality sheet and mattress
  • A breeze to assemble or take apart


  • Not as mobile as other designs
  • Maybe too pricey for some



2. MiClassic Baby Bassinet


MiClassic Baby Bassinet

Next up is this modern-looking design from MiClassic. This unit combines a range of functionalities, making it a bassinet that can be used in a wide array of situations and locations. Could that versatility make it the right one for you, though?

MiClassic Baby Bassinet Review

This product represents something of a middle ground design. It is halfway between the bassinet above and the remaining three items on this list. When upright, the bed is stable and secure. It has built-in hinges, which allow for a rocking motion to send the baby to sleep, and locks to secure the bed after.

The bed folds in the middle for easy transport. While this is easy to do, it is still quite a large item even when folded in half. The total weight of around 15 pounds is quite heavy for a supposedly mobile and easy-to-transport bassinet too.

That, then, is the trouble with this product. It’s not as good as the product above, and it’s not quite as easy to transport as the more mobile products below. It’s stuck in a halfway house and suffers for not taking the best bits of either bassinet style.




  • Versatile design
  • Very easy to collapse and set up
  • Lots of mesh in sidewalls


  • Does not include a fitted sheet
  • Quite heavy
  • Still large and bulky even when folded



3. Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro

Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro

Lulyboo is the proud manufacturer of the next product to make our list, and what an innovative product it is! After complaining that the item above was not as easy to transport as it claimed to be, this next item is probably the easiest bassinet to carry around among any bassinet design we have ever seen.

Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro Review

While it has a very innovative design, in truth, this bassinet is actually quite simple. It is that simplicity, though, that really makes it the best bassinet for a newborn. As we have mentioned, it is very easy to transport. The sidewalls simply collapse in on itself, two strips of fabric detach as shoulder straps, and away you go!

This bassinet weighs less than three pounds too, so you can happily carry it all day and barely notice you’ve got it on. The built-in canopy is also great for keeping the sun off the baby. It also comes equipped with some stimulating toys.

However, this unit is not designed for long-term or everyday use. The base is quite thin, the sidewalls are low, and the sleeping area is small. It is designed for occasional use when you need a comfortable and safe bassinet while you are out and about. For performing that role, this product is perfect.



  • Folds into a backpack!
  • Built-in canopy with toys
  • Waterproof bottom


  • Short lifespan
  • Very thin base
  • Not suitable for bedroom use



4. Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit

Our next item is something of a specialized product from Baby Jogger. Designed to convert a stroller into a mobile bassinet, could this versatile design be the right one for you and your baby?

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit Review

The joy of this product is that it transforms other products into multifunctional units. It is essentially a kit that can be used to transform a Baby Jogger stroller into a mobile bassinet. That can be extremely handy, and in bassinet mode, this is a decent design, albeit skewed somewhat to outdoor life.

For example, there is no mesh in the design, which means that it is not as breathable as many others. On the other hand, the very useful foot apron can roll up to cover most of the baby and provide good protection from the sun.

The problem, of course, comes if you don’t own a Baby Jogger stroller yet. In that case, and if you aren’t going to buy one, there are frankly better bassinets on the market that perform their primary function to a higher standard and with better construction than this model.




  • Useful to convert the stroller into a mobile bassinet
  • Padded handles for easy transport
  • Offers protection from the sun


  • Useless without a compatible stroller
  • Comes in a very dark color
  • No mesh for ventilation



5. Brica Fold N’ Go Bassinet


Brica Fold N’ Go Bassinet

We’ll be finishing up our guide with a bassinet from Brica. It is another design that puts a heavy emphasis on mobility, and it is one of the lightest bassinets not just on our list but also on the market right now.

Brica Fold N’ Go Bassinet Review

This is another bassinet that is not really made for everyday use, but rather as a useful product to provide a safe and secure sleeping spot for your little ones while on the go. To that end, it folds up neatly and has a very useful, little carry handle. Its total weight of around 2.5 pounds is also very convenient, and all of those features combine for an extremely easy-to-transport product.

We love to see mesh being used in these products as they help to make them extra breathable, and this bassinet delivers on that. The four-point locking system feels secure too, and the fact that the removable items, such as the mattress, are machine-washable is always good to see.

Speaking of the mattress, that is also one of the letdowns for this product, as it is extremely thin. It was probably done to help keep the item’s weight down, but you may like to consider putting a blanket or a folded towel underneath the product for a little extra cushioning. It’s also quite a small bassinet, and most babies will have outgrown it by two or three months at most, so it has quite a short lifespan.



  • Mesh covering all over
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to set up and fold away


  • Thin mattress
  • No sun protection
  • Short lifespan




FINAL VERDICT For The Best Bassinet for Newborn 2022

Picking the best bassinet for newborn babies means looking for a product that brings style, safety, ease of use, and a high degree of practicality. Of the five products we looked at above, it was the Green Frog Lily Pod Bassinet that ticked all the boxes on our checklist.

This bassinet looks beautiful, and has high sidewalls for safety, and the rocker’s feet are an excellent practical addition. Add the fact that it is very easy to clean and has a long lifespan (for a bassinet, anyway) and it’s easy to see why it is our number one pick.

Then again, if you need an easily transportable design, such as one that can be a bassinet for occasional use outside the house, then the Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro is a really good option. If you have it in your budget to pick up both, they really do complement each other perfectly.


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