LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro Reviews (2022)

In the first few months of a newborn’s life, there are many advantages to having a bassinet over a crib. Not only are they easier to accommodate in your bedroom space-wise, but they are also more portable and grant easier access to pick your baby up and put them down to sleep.

With so many bassinets available on the market, it is hard to know which one is right for you. Thus, to help you out, we will take a close look at the travel bassinet from LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro in hopes to see if it can be your perfect baby bassinet especially when you’re on the move.

LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro Review


Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro

LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro is a brand that is well-loved by those who enjoy high-quality and stylish products that they can take on the go. Designed for modern and active families, this travel bassinet from LulyBoo is lightweight and trendy.

Who Is This Product For?

LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro is for any new parents who have active lifestyles and want to ensure that their baby will have somewhere safe and familiar to nap and sleep in each night. If you are often going out on adventures such as days out to the beach or hikes in the forest, this ultra-portable bassinet is really easy to take with you.

If you have a rather large baby, you may want to skip the idea of a bassinet completely and put them straight into a cot as your baby is likely to outgrow thier bassinet in a span of a few weeks.

What’s Included?

Every purchase of this product comes with just the bassinet itself. This unit folds up into a backpack, has a detachable inside cover that can be washed easily, and includes a toy bar that provides stimulation for a baby’s senses.

LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro: Features Overview 

The main point of difference between this bassinet and many others is that this one folds up to be carried like a backpack, which is great for active families. With this, your baby will have somewhere familiar to sleep wherever you go. Weighing just 2.9 pounds, this bassinet is really light to carry around too!

The bottom of the bassinet is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wet and rough terrain as your baby will stay dry and cozy. It also has a removable liner to help you keep the bassinet clean and a safe environment for your child.

There is a canopy on the bassinet, which is great as it provides shade for long days out on the beach. What’s more is that this canopy can be detached, so that when you don’t need it, you can just remove it and your baby can look around the room more. The added benefit of a toy bar also means that you can have your baby in the bassinet even when they are not sleeping and they will still be stimulated and entertained.

Unlike some bassinets, LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro doesn’t come with a stand to raise the bassinet up to the same level as your bed. This is a bit annoying as it means that the baby is on the floor next to your bed, which isn’t ideal for when they need feeding or soothing during night.



What We Like

  • Folds into a backpack!
  • Built-in canopy with toys
  • Waterproof bottom

What We Don’t Like

  • Short lifespan
  • Very thin base
  • Not suitable for bedroom use




How to Use LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro Bassinet

This bassinet folds up really easily once the canopy shade and toy bar have been removed. It clips together once folded, and then you slide the canopy inside the creases and attach the toy bar through the straps provided around the sides.

Once that’s done, you can then carry it using the carry handle or on your back using its backpack straps. When you want to use the bassinet again, then you just unclip the clip that holds it together, and it’s ready to be used straight away!

Alternatives to LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro

An alternative to this product is the traveler bassinet from Dream on Me. This bassinet has snap-on and snap-off legs, which then fold in half to slide into a separate carrying case. Having legs on this bassinet means that your baby is at the same height as your bed to enable easy access for soothing in the middle of the night.

Aside from that, it also has mesh side panels to increase airflow. This also helps you to see your baby from your bed while he sleeps. It doesn’t come with a canopy, so it couldn’t be used outside in the sun without having an additional shade tent or similar item.


Despite the Dream on Me bassinet having the added benefit of legs and mesh sides, we think the overall winner is the LulyBoo Bassinet To-Go Metro. Why? For many reasons actually!

First, we loved the fact that you can take it away with you on days out and that it provides shade thanks to the canopy. Also, having the toy bar means your baby can entertain himself while he lies in the bassinet after he wakes up.

Being able to carry the bassinet on your back also frees up your hands to carry other things, such as picnic baskets, changing bags, and the like. The LulyBoo bassinet is super easy to fold up and unfold too, simpler than any other that we have seen on the market actually. And because there is no separate carrying case needed, you have one less thing to lose!


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