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Baby Lounger Baby Nest, Portable Baby Newborn Lounger Bed Pillow,…

Your baby’s comfortable will have a lot to do with how they lounge or sleep when it is nap time. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your toddler enjoys maximum comfort in an environment that ensures that his or her spine remains protected at all times. If you are a parent in need of something similar, then we have got your back with one of these stylish and cozy baby loungers and nests.

In comes our 100% high-quality baby longer material and baby nest sleeper that ensures your baby enjoys some peace of mind with minimal pressure on his or her spine. The hight-quality material ensures that even in the event that your baby’s diapers leak, the baby lounger nest will remain in good condition with minimal to zero damage. Moreover, it makes it easy to clean either by hand or by machine washing.

Your baby’s stay in this lounger comes with the additional peace of mind that he or she is always protected from falling. The portable baby lounger bed comes with a border fence that ensures the baby does not fall over. Moreover, its snuggly feel resembles the comfort of the amniotic sac that the baby experienced inside your womb. The lounger also comes with a 1.6Inches thick pad that protects the baby’s spine from any strain that may cause injury or discomfort whatsoever.

We will provide an unconditional service if you have any problems with this product, if you are not satisfied with your Baby Lounger Nest, we are here to provide a full refund for your product with no doubt. Please feel free to contact us.


– Dimension: 34.5 x 20 inches

– Weight: 3.6 lbs


– Suitable for baby up to 12 months

– Hands free for parents and easy carring for traveling

– Womb-like Design

WOMB-LIKE COMFORT: Your baby will not note the difference between the baby lounger bed and your womb. The newborn lounger nest is snuggly and offers the amniotic sac comfort that babies are accustomed to before birth. Moreover, it comes with a nested border that ensures your baby does not easily fall over when sleeping inside the lounger.
DETACHABLE: If you are looking for a baby lounger for cosleeper and nest that you can easily detach, then look no further than this stylish baby lounger nest that we have in stock. It is easily detachable to make it easy to clean, and also if you need to put your baby to sleep in the portable newborn lounger bed. Moreover, it is also an excellent fit for baby meal times.
EASY TO WASH: You will enjoy a lot of convenience when it comes to maintaining this baby lounger and baby nest clean at all times. The hypoallergenic cotton material is easy to clean and will not deteriorate in quality even after repeated washes. Moreover, it is suitable for hand washing and machine washing as well to ensure it is clean at all times.
PORTABLE NEWBORN LOUNGER: The pride of a mom is to move around with her baby. If you are looking for a portable baby nest that you will be able to carry your baby comfortably, then here it is. It measures 25.6 by 9.85inches on the inside and 31.5 by 19.7inches outward and weighs just 3.6lbs to allow you to move around with it easily.