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Baby Lounger Nest, Reversible Baby Nest Sleeper, Cozy Soft Crib B…

Product Description


As a new mom, you go through a lot of adjustments. Most likely, one of your biggest struggles is having to carry your baby from one room to another and set up a comfortable area where you can clean his bottles, cook dinner, or do the laundry while keeping an eye on him.

Baby loungers are specially designed pillows that have a groove so your baby can comfortably sit on it without falling out. No harness or straps required, and most importantly, no need for setting up a crib or mattress! Just place the lounger on a flat surface, tuck your baby in, and be assured that he’ll happily and comfortably watch you while you do your thing.

Truly, baby loungers are designed to make your life so much easier. Most of all (which is probably the best part), it allows you to interact with your baby hands-free!

And if you’re thinking about geting one, congratulations! You got it!

Our LITTLE GRAPE LAND baby lounger offers a safe, snug and soothing environment for your little one. Made with hypoallergenic fabrics that also have excellent air-permeability, there’s no need to worry about overheating. It is great for co-sleeping and tummy time too.


Why Choose Us?

Make your life easier

Loungers are probably one of the best things ever invented for babies. With it, you’re free to move around, do other things, and interact with your baby hands-free.

Accompanied Your Baby Growing Up

Lightweight, portable, and comes with a pillow cushion – the Little Grape Land Baby Nest Lounger offers a safe and soothing environment for sleep, rest and play.

Features a snuggle design that keeps the baby feeling contented and settled. With this portable lounger your baby will be safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Womb Mimic Design

Comfortable, soft, and breathable are the words that can describe this baby nest bed. It is designed to resemble a uterus, a shape familiar to your newborn. Its padded surface helps protect your baby’s head while the guardrail design keeps your tot from rolling out of the lounger. It is portable, and fits the spine perfectly.

The multi-purpose baby lounger can be used for:

Napping time

Tummy time

Infant Massage

Diaper change

Play mat


Co sleeping

Baby Nest is must-have product for newborns and provides perfect portability for parents.






We created our brand because we believe that every child deserves the best and our goal is to make affordable quality children’s bedding products so that everyday kids can get the best bedding they deserve. All of our products are free of harmful chemicals and made using carefully selected fabrics down to the best fibers so that your child can be safe and comfortable and also easy to care for so you as a parent can spend time on what is important, your little one.

【SOFT & HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIAL】Every step of the production of our baby lounger nest is under strict supervision, ensuring that they are as safe as possible. Made of 100% cotton fabric, proving the best protection for your sweety baby to enjoy minute while sleeping inside.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL BABY LOUNGER】Can be used as infant lounger pillow to rest and play. A bassinet for a bed, a better Co-Sleeping option for your family, and a place for infant massaging, also the best baby shower gift for your little one.
【TRAVEL FRIENDLY】You can take this portable baby nest bed with you when you travel, it and will stow away easily in the back seat or trunk of the car. You could even put it in a suitcase if you will be flying.
【EASY TO WASH】The cover and the pad are machine-washable, which is a relief to tired moms and dads whose little ones dribble, drool, and otherwise make messes on the regular!