Baby Lounger Baby Nest for Baby Co-Sleeping


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Baby Lounger Baby Nest for Baby Co-Sleeping, Amenpoki 100% Cotton Reversible Infant Lounger Bed, Soft Breathable Newborn Lounger Crib for Napping and Cosleeping

Product Description

Amenpoki baby lounger, Create a more comfortable and safer sleeping environment for baby

Amenpoki baby nestAmenpoki baby nest

Amenpoki has been paying attention to the needs of babies in the process of growth for a long time and has conducted in-depth communication with thousands of parents of newborns.

We found that babies need more protection and company before one year old, and this is a big challenge for newborns parents.

Based on this, We are committed to providing better growth solutions for parents and babies.

Quick install

Quick install

Safety zipper design

Safety zipper design

a gift to baby

a gift to baby

Easy to install

Fold and stuff the support foam cushion first and then flatten it
Then insert the filling tampon
Close the surrounding zipper, tie the elastic ribbon to adjust the height, and complete the installation

Hidden zipper design

The skin and hair of babies are very fragile, and they lack the awareness of protecting themselves, so we designed a concealed zipper so that the baby cannot touch the zipper.

Easy to carry and extra gifts

In vacuum compression packaging, the outer packaging size is only: 10.6*13.7*3.9inch
Extra cute sweat towels to give the baby more care

0-24 months available0-24 months available

It is most suitable for babies aged 0-12 months. When the baby is over 1 year old, it is recommended to untie the ribbon and use it flat.

Tip: When the baby is sleeping, make sure the baby’s nest is flat to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Let your baby sleep at ease in more placesLet your baby sleep at ease in more places

Suitable for most places

The original packaging of the baby lounger is vacuum packaging
Packing size: 13*10.2*4.3inch
Package Weight: 3.52 pounds.
Designed two carrying loops on the side and top
It can be used in bedrooms, sofas, baby cradles, outdoor recreation, sleeping with parents and more scenes.

A safe sleeping environment for babies, love from Amenpoki

Amenpoki baby nestAmenpoki baby nest

Everyone grows up as a baby. The baby needs company and care as he grows up.

However, more and more young parents are not getting a good rest while taking care of the baby. Amenpoki is committed to serving more young parents, Providing better baby care solutions for newborn babies, and providing 60 days of return and exchange of products.

Love never ends!

【Bionic baby sleeping nest】-The bionic design imitates the baby’s sleeping environment in the mother’s belly, so as to comfort the baby while creating a comfortable and safe sleeping nest, helping our baby grow up safely and healthily
【High-level security】- Our baby nest is covered with 100% cotton (A-type baby grade), the original filling PP cotton is certified by the highest level of OEKO-Tex Standard 100, and a high-density sponge is used as the mattress. All for the safety of the baby. All baby nests have undergone strict quality inspections, and only provide a safe nest for babies.
【Care for baby growth】-We uses a 1.57inch high-density rebound sponge as the mattress of the mini crib. Unlike other ordinary sponge cushions, it can provide more support and protection during the critical time when the baby is 0-12months.
【Convenient and durable】-The size of the baby nest can be quickly adjusted through the drawstring, and the double-sided pattern design can be quickly switched. The concealed zipper is safe and durable, and the bedspread can be quickly changed (machine washable). Hand-held design can be easily carried.
【Perfect nest for co-sleeping】- For all newborns, a comfortable and safe nest is needed. All new parents, also need a more worry-free and convenient tool to take care of their babies. Bring it to babies and friends who need it! The Amenpoki team provides a life-long baby care program and a 60-day worry-free product return service.