Best Bamboo Alternative Down Pillow – Adjustable Custom Fit to Yo… | $29.97


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Best Bamboo Alternative Down Pillow – Adjustable Custom Fit to Yo…

BAD OR NO SLEEP IS OVER! Take charge of YOUR sleep, you DESERVE a restful and happy nights sleep every night!

Why Do Many People Suffer From A Bad Pillow?
* Memory Foam pillows are too hard and not able to be shaped into what you need, like most companies claim they do.
☆★ THE MOST WONDERFUL DOWN ALTERNATIVE – Who doesn’t love a good down feather pillow? What we don’t like about feather pillows is that they are not hypoallergenic, they do not have memory foam, they do not have bamboo covers, and they are not soft and customizable. Our Alternative Down Pillow is all of those things and more, this pillow is revolutionizing the pillow industry and making sleep a whole new experience for everyone who purchases it. ★☆
✔TOP OF THE LINE POLYESTER FILLING – We have scoured the market for the best of the best, ultra comfortable poly-fill. One of the biggest problems today with pillows is that they do not hold their shape. Blissful Serenity has worked long and hard to create a poly-fill that not only holds its shape over time, but can go through a full wash cycle and be completely brought back to its first use.✔
✔100% MACHINE WASHABLE – The entire pillow is completely machine washable, if you ever need to clean your pillow the whole pillow and cover can be put in the washer and complete a full wash cycle. Once clean, you can also put your pillow in the dryer on low heat for a half hour to dry and fully fluff up your pillow again. ✔
✔COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE PILLOW – One of the first pillows that is 100% customizable, simply unzip the zipper and take out as much poly fill as you see fit to make this the perfect pillow for your personal needs! We have had so many happy customers that are simply thrilled they don’t have to return their pillow because it’s not thin enough for them. We specifically overstuff our pillows in order for them to meet every individual’s needs. ✔
✔HYPOALLERGENIC, DUST MITE FREE – Our owner has suffered from allergies their entire life and wanted to make a pillow that can give a restful and safesleep. You and your family deserve to receive unbelievable comfort as well as a clean and allergen free pillow.