Bigzzia Stationary Baby Swings Electric Cradle Smart Touch Panel

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Bigzzia Stationary Baby Swings Electric Cradle Smart Touch Panel 

Product Description

Electric Baby BouncerElectric Baby Bouncer


1. Strictly selected materials, soft fabrics, comfortable and safe.

2. Intelligent touch panel, equipped with remote control, multiple operation modes, more simple and convenient.

3. Built-in comfort music to create a peaceful sleeping environment for babies.

4. Widened base, detachable seat cloth, equipped with mosquito nets, provide a cleaner and safer sleeping space for babies.

5. The ergonomic seat fits the baby’s neck and spine, stable and comfortable; the back is adjustable.

3 mode3 mode

3 mode

Rocking chair mode
Sleep mode
Net mode








Product information

Product name: Baby electric rocking chair

Input voltage: 100-240V

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 1A

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Range of use: children who cannot sit alone

Main material: 100% polyester fiber, aluminum tube

Executive standard: Q/QX-J11.001-2019


Product List

Toy x 2
Pillow x 1
Mosquito net x 1
Seat cloth x 1
Remote control x 1
Adapter x 1 USB cable x 1
Seat frame x 1
Base x 1. (USB cable: the DC hole end is inserted into the host, the USB end Insert the adapter)

Note: Please check whether the parts are complete before use.

Smart Swing Lulled Toddler to Sleep: Five-speed swing range, intelligent timing, freely controlled, suitable swing amplitude and frequency can make your baby sleep more at ease, adjust at will for 8-15-30 minutes, take your baby more worry-free.
Convenient Operation: Intelligent remote control, free your hands and let parents have their own space.The cradle comes with sleep music, so that your baby can sleep peacefully. It can be connected to the mobile phone to play hypnotic music.
Safe Design: The middle part of the baby cradle is made of crystal velvet stitching with high fiber density and strong cotton feeling. The outer Oxford cloth is three-dimensional. The five-point safety belt and protective cover provide double safety protection for the baby, and protect the baby’s legs, hips, waist and abdomen. , The safety lock brings the safest protection to the baby.
Careful Design: The back-slant curve design is just to care for the baby’s growth. The 27° tilt angle design simulates the mother’s embracing design to care for the baby’s spine and make it easier for the toddler to fall asleep.
Reassuring Material: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy bracket, the overall bracket is made of high-cost road alloy material in a large area, and the appearance is streamlined arc anti-dumping design and the supporting surface is more stable (normal use bearing 15KG)

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