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Brotish Crib Bed Beside Includes Portable Bassinet,Full-Size Infa…

Brotish Beside bassinet with playpen is saftey and meet the ASTM certification

How to install the mattress correctly to avoid the uneven bottom?

1. The mattress is with the Nylon pull buckle, the Nylon pull buckle can be connected by passing through a hole to fix.

2. Hold the strap for lowest position security. The jack is hide inside the bassinet fence.

Removable changing table
Brotish comes with a removable changing table. It makes it easier for mothers and fathers to change baby diapers without bending down frequently.Waterproof cloth on the diaper rack for easy cleaning.

Rocking system:
Brotish With a pair of rocking system in the package.Only need to clamp the clamp to the crossbar during installation.Attachable rocking system makes baby falling into sleep easily.

Strong bearing force:
Brotish baby playard bracket is all made of iron.Strong and durable.Second-layer bed can support about 44 pounds,playground model on the first floor can support 90 pounds.Suitable for babies from 0-48months,accompanying children to grow.

Carry bag:
All models come with an outer pocket.When you need to travel or move.Can all in one carry bag after folding, easily carry out.

Game entrance:
After removing the crossbars on the second floor, the first floor can become a place for babies to play.There is also a zippered play hole at the back of the crib.Baby can easily in&out by pulling zipper.

4 Height adjustable:
Brotish baby playard have handle adjustable height and 4 height adjustable.Height adjustable on one handle, easily look after baby even lying on bed.Five-level adjustment according to the height of the adult bed, which is more closely connected with the adult bed.

🐧Pay attention to the assembly procedure Assembling: Do not push the lock in the center of the bed before assembling (do not push in advance) 1. First you need to fasten the short side armrest to make sure the fix is complete 2. You need to secure the long side armrests to make sure the fix is complete 3. Finally, push down the center lock. If the steps are not performed correctly, you cannot fix one side.
🐧Quiet sleep time-the full-size Brotish Pack’n Play can be turned into a sleeper beside the bed, while the side zipper is downward for a C-section, because even at midnight, the mother can take care of your baby without violent movement. 3 adjustable height designs, in line with safety standards
🐧Spacious entertainment space-the ground floor can be used as a Playard, which can be used from babies to toddlers (0-3 years old). Provide a closer space for mother-infant interaction
🐧 Convenient diaper changer-the diaper stacker can help you change diapers without back pain. You can retrieve the diaper or baby bottle from the side organizer for temporary use.
🐧A good choice for grandparents-lightweight structure, easy to travel, we will send the travel bag with the package. You can set up and fold in just 4 simple steps. Before pushing the bottom base down, be sure to lock the fence to keep it strong