Brown Stroller Hooks by Baby Uma – Premium Leather Style Stroller | $14.99


Brown Stroller Hooks by Baby Uma – Premium Leather Style Stroller

If you’re pregnant or a new mum on maternity leave, trying to figure out what essential baby stuff you need can be tough indeed – you obviously want to buy something you will actually need, and something that will be invaluable once your little one arrives. Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best and the funny thing with our Baby Uma Premium Stroller Hooks is that you only realise you can’t be without them once you start using them!
Premium Materials – Made from durable performance fabric in complimentary brown faux leather, each large matte black carabiner can handle over 10 lbs with ease. Sturdy yet lightweight, these beautiful yet functional pram hooks will bring ease to parenthood, yet with all the functionality you expect from a buggy clip that will do all the hard work for you.
Universal Fit – Attaches easily to any stroller or pushchair to provide handy extra storage for shopping bags, groceries, changing bags and more, these stroller straps offer practicality and a much needed extra pair of hands to every parent. We’ve tested these pram hooks on all the major brands, and the top 10 stroller, pram and pushchair lists. If your stroller has a handle, these hooks will fit. Either on the foam handle or directly on the frame.
Every day Convenience – Whether it’s a playdate, coffee with a friend, a trip to the store, both you and your young one will enjoy the practicality, comfort and ease of using these premium stroller hooks with all your baby essentials. No room left under your stroller? Popped by the mall and bought too much? No part of your day is an issue now with this essential pushchair accessory.

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