Buggy Balance Stroller Stabilizer – Essential Baby Stroller Weigh… | $24.99


Buggy Balance Stroller Stabilizer – Essential Baby Stroller Weigh…

Make Everyday Strolls & Walks Safer For Your Baby Boy Or Girl – The Smart & Easy Way!
UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BABY STROLLER TYPES: No matter what kind or brand of baby stroller you prefer, we went out of our way to make sure that the Buggy Balance weights will be 99.99% compatible with it. The set includes a pair of two 3-pound Buggy Balance weights. (6 pounds total).
QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION – LITERALLY JUST TAKES 5”: Parents have no time to waste on installing complex and time-consuming accessories – we know. Just strap the weights on your baby stroller, and off you go – it’s *that* easy. Made of top quality 100% recycled iron, the excellent quality of this stroller gadget won’t disappoint!
ONE LESS THING FOR STRESSED PARENTS TO WORRY ABOUT: Being a new parent is never easy, and you need all the help you can possibly get – we’ve been there ourselves. With this Buggy Balance stroller accessory, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Your baby’s safety always comes first. Plus, it works perfect even for naughty toddlers!
A SMART, PRACTICAL & UNIQUE BABY SHOWER GIFT: Looking for a baby shower gift that will actually make a difference in a new parent’s and their baby’s life? Well, look no further – Buggy Balance is as practical and unique as gifts get!

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