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Cosy Casa Baby Diaper Bag Backpack with Travel Bassinet Changing …

Are you still worrying about changing diapers and finding a place to rest when you go out?
The upgraded diaper bag backpack is not only a diaper bag backpack but also can be transformed into a changing mat and travel bassinet within two minutes anywhere. And the upgraded diaper bag backpack has improved the material according to the baby’s physique. We also presented a movable awning and silicone pillow to give the baby the most intimate protection.


Name: baby diaper bag
Material: polyester
Color classification: grey/black/pink
Mattress size: length 29 inch, width 12 inch

  • Two dedicated stroller hooks can hang the backpack on the stroller to reduce the mother’s burden.(Avoid tipping the stroller: Please remove the bag before removing the child from the stroller)


  • The USB charging port design makes it easier to charge the phone (Built with power cable, you have to connect your cable with your power bank to charge the phone).


  • There are 2 large insulation pockets in the backpack, which can hold 2 240ML baby bottles. Let your baby drink warm milk at any time.


  • The soft and comfortable pad gives the baby the most intimate care, and the detachable design is convenient for cleaning when it gets dirty.


  • According to the ergonomic design, the widened shoulder strap with a curve makes the weak lumbar,vertebrae of the postpartum mother easier and more comfortable and considerate. 


  • There is also a hidden pocket on the back of the baby diaper bag which can be used to store valuables such as mobile phones to protect your personal proper

    👶LARGE CAPACITY BACKPACK WITH 17 MULTI-FUNCTION POCKETS – 2 main pockets and 15 functional pockets, which can meet all the demands of mommy to take care of their babies. Waterproof Pockets with different functions can help mothers store diapers, paper towels, clothes, etc. There are also 2 thermal insulation pockets (aluminum foil material) to store baby bottles or drinks. The excellent insulation function helps them to keep warm or cool for a long time.
    👶DESIGNED FOR MOMMY – We added an open tissue extraction pocket and a large capacity pocket on both sides of the backpack so that mommy can easily extract tissues and water bottles at any time. There is also a privacy pocket on the back for mommy to store valuables such as mobile phones and wallets. The USB charging port can be charged and used at any time when the phone is out of power. (Built-in power cord, you must connect the cable to the mobile power bank to charge the phone).
    👶WATERPROOF MATERIAL AND TOUGHENED ZIPPERS – The diaper bag is made of durable and waterproof 900D Oxford fabric (stronger, more resistant to tension, and not easily deformed). The zipper is especially improved to avoid damage so that the problem of easy damage to the zipper is well improved. After thousands of tests, it proves that the improvements in all aspects are effective and trustworthy.
    👶GENDER NEUTRAL PROGRAM&PERFECT GIFT – The diaper bag adopts a neutral design, the color and design are suitable for women and men shopping or traveling. This diaper bag can be used as a backpack, a carrying bag, or hung on a stroller(The backpack comes with two strong hooks). It has a wide range of uses and it is suitable for multiple scenes and is an ideal baby gift!