CRZDEAL Bassinet & Bedside Sleepers Lightweight and Mobile


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CRZDEAL Bassinet & Bedside Sleepers Lightweight and Mobile

1. The baby sleeps next to an adult, and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the adult is bad for the baby. Sleeping in a small bed independently, good air circulation and high sleep quality.

2. The adult may press the baby when sleeping at night, or the adult may accidentally cover the child’s head when covering the quilt, which is so dangerous.

3. Let the child sleep in a small bed and cultivate his good habit of independence. After sleeping with an adult for a long time, he will naturally rely on the adult. It will be very difficult to separate the mother and the baby at that time.

How to Quickly Know About CRZDEAL Baby Bassinet Sleeper?

Product Name: Baby Bedside Sleeper


Applicable age: 0-6 months

Material: Frame: Iron + ABS; Fabric: Soft and breathable polyester fabric

Product weight: 15KG

Load weight: 30 pounds

Expanded size: 38.5×32.2x22in / 93x82x56cm

Min height of the bed above the ground: 42.5cm/16.7in

Max height of the bed above the ground: 54.5cm/21.5in

For Pregnant Monthers,There Are so Many Things to Consider ,CRZDEAL’s Baby Beside Crib will Satisty Everything You Need

【4 Anti-slip Mats + 4 Small Pulleys】: It can protect the floor from damage, just give the crib a certain slope to slide;

【Unilateral Adjustment to Prevent Choking】:It with a suitable height of the mattress from the ground: 16.7in/17.5in/18.3in/19.1in/19.9in/20.7in/21.5in off the ground.

【The Suitable Size for the Mattress】:According to the US data survey: the height of newborns is generally 62CM (1-6 months); the size of our crib basket is:32.6in(L)* 19.3in(W) *1.18in(T)

【Storage Box】:Can store blankets, baby bottles, diapers, changes of clothes, toys, etc., needn’t extra lockers.

【Bed Fixing Belt+4 Velcro】:Can be fixed with a 2.3m adult bed and the crib has 4 Velcro and support rods firmly locked under the bed board.

Material Safety -Crzdeal bedside bed is made of paint-free ABS friendly material, and the fabric is made of 300D polyester + Peach skin velvet + 2.5cm thick pillow core + 5CM thick wood board to ensure comfort, softness, breathability, and elasticity.
The Safety and Firmness – Crzdeal crib adopts A-shaped + H-shaped iron pipe design, and the storage bag at the bottom (with iron pipe) better guarantees the stability of the crib side bed; strictly abide by the American safety standard: 12cm Ruffle;
The Structure Size is More Reasonable-the bassinet is superior to the traditional wooden bed: 1. The crib can be retracted freely and does not take up space; 2. It can be replaced with the growth of the child; 3. 7 height adjustment: 16.7in/17.5in/18.3in/19.1in /19.9in/20.7in/21.5in off the groud can match the height of the bed.
The Advantages of Independent Space: 1. Give newborns 16-20 hours of sleep; 2. Prevent the danger of sleeping in a big bed with adults occurred(suffocation, pressure, etc.); 3. Cultivate independent habits, easy to weaning; 4. Reduce parents Troubles of night care.