EARTHLITE Stretch Guard Silicone Face Cradle Cover, Clear | $9.95


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EARTHLITE Stretch Guard Silicone Face Cradle Cover, Clear

Protect your clients. Disinfecting an old facecradle cushion can be a big challenge in the current Covid climate. Earthlite makes it easy: introducing the Stretch Guard Cover, the industry’s first disinfectable, reusable facecradle cushion cover. The molded, seamless design and chemical resistant silicone material makes disinfecting easy. The cover is stretchy and form-fitting while fitting most industry standard crescent cushions. Washable (dishwasher safe), reusable, durable, and safe.

MASSAGE TABLE FACE CRADLE COVER: Provides a waterproof, germproof barrier between your massage table face cradle cushion and your client made out of 100% disinfectable & chemical resistant silicone.
WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Dishwasher safe. Reusable. Our Stretch Guard Silicone cover is arguably the most cost-effective way to protect your guests and your cushions/upholstery with intense disinfection.
FITS MOST FACE CRADLE CUSHIONS: Stretchy, form fitting silicone rubber fits even large, plushy cushions like our Memory Foam or Strata pillow.
SEAMLESS DESIGN: Germs have nowhere to hide. Easy to wipe down.
MADE BY EARTHLITE, the leading manufacturer of massage equipment based in Vista, CA since 1987