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Electric Cradles Baby Bassinet,Baby Bassinet with Remote Control,…

Cover Material: Oxford Cloth
Frame Material: Space Aluminum Alloy
Mattress Material: Memory Foam
Handrail Wrapping Material: Pearl Foam Cotton
Overall Size: 41.7(L) x 24.4(W) x 31.5(H) Inch
Folded Size: 41.7(L) x 3.9(W) x 22.1(H) Inch
Overall Adjustable Height: 29.9/30.7/31.5Inch
Color: Gray

1 x Baby Bassinet
1 x Remote Control
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Manual

1. 5 adjustable swinging levels.
2. 3 adjustable timings: 15, 30, 45min.
3. Can bluetooth connection to play music.
4. One-button folding.
5. Intelligent dual control: button/remote controller.
6. 2 buckle braided straps and non-slip foot pads increase safety.
7. 3 adjustable height levels: 29.9/30.7/31.5Inch.
8. Double-sided visual net for easy observation of the baby.
9. All covers can be removed and cleaned.
10. The lightweight body is convenient to take it outside.

【INTELLIGENT DUAL CONTROL】Diversified control makes the operation of bedside sleeper cribs easier. When you are next to the cradle, you can directly use the buttons on the side of the cradle to operate; when you are some distance away from the cradle, please use the remote control!
【SAFE ENOUGH】For baby cribs, safety is very important. In order to prevent the cradle from shaking excessively, 2 buckle braided straps can connect the cradle and the base together. Non-slip foot pads can avoid sliding caused by shaking.
【BESIDE YOUR BED】This baby cradle has 3 adjustable heights (29.9/30.7/31.5Inch), which can be easily joined with beds of various heights. The independent crib can cultivate the baby’s good habit of independence from an early age.
【EASY TO CARRY & CLEAN】The overall frame of the portable bedside cradle is made of space aluminum alloy. The lightweight body can be folded by one button, and the included storage bag makes it possible to carry it out.