Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet, Metro-Essential Graphite | $249.99

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Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet, Metro-Essential Graphite

Getting your little one to fall asleep can be tricky. But with the Maxi-Cosi I or a bassinet, your baby can rest comfortably at home or wherever you travel – all within an arm’s reach. Rest time starts with the supportive mattress that offers just the right amount of comfort for nighttime sleep or daytime naps. Then there’s the breathable mesh siding that lets the air flow through and gives you a quick glimpse of your little one. &Nbsp; versatility’s important, too. That’s all thanks to the iora’s five different height positions that to give you a customized fit. Not only does the I or a adjust up and down, But side to side as well. For those moments in the middle of the night when your baby wakes up crying, you can easily glide the bassinet closer to the bed to give comfort and care.Let’s not forget the iora’s sleek and stylish design. It’s sophisticated colors and material finishes blend in beautifully with your modern-day decor.When you’re visiting a friend’s house or staying at grandma’s, it’s nice to be able to quickly change a diaper and easily access all those baby essentials. That’s where the extra-large storage basket located underneath comes in handy. Whether you’re traveling or moving your little one into the nursery, wherever you want to go, The I or a easily folds up and stores in its own travel bag.With Maxi-Cosi I or a, at the end of the day It’s all about comfort.&Nbsp;

Comfortable mattress so baby can sleep soundly
Breathable mesh sides so you can easily keep an eye on baby
Large storage basket to hold everything needed to care for baby
Multiple height positions to adjust to the right height

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