Moonlight Slumber Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress

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Moonlight Slumber Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress. Firm Sided for Infants Reverse to Soft Side for Toddlers. Easy to Clean Waterproof and Odor Resistant (Little Dreamer)

Little Dreamer Crib Mattress – Size27 1/2 x 52 x 5 inches. Little Dreamer mattresses are safe, healthy, affordable mattresses for little dreamers and their parents. From the first look, you will know that Little Dreamer mattresses are different. The simple shape, clean lines, and quality ticking stand apart from all other mattress brands. The smooth surface and 5” thick design pulls sheet taut and makes a crisp, beautiful bed. When a Little Dreamer mattress is used, all your bedding takes on a more elegant appearance. HEALTHY. Developed from a line of proven health care mattresses used in hospitals and nurseries nationwide, Little Dreamer mattresses offer unique health features. Antimicrobial.

Each Little Dreamer mattress is antimicrobial—treated inside and out to safely and effectively prevent bacteria growth for the lifetime of your mattress. No taped edges. The decorative tape, or roll, that is standard of typical mattress seams actually prevents fluid run-off by absorbing excess body fluids. The damp cording then becomes host to bacteria. Little Dreamer mattresses eliminate taped edges and, therefore, eliminate unintended laparoscopic guests. Dropped side seams. Instead of designing mattresses with seams on the top of the sleep surface, allowing excess fluids to sit on needle holes, Mattresses have dropped the seams to the sides to prevent fluid build-up and bypass possible seepage.

Antimicrobial, treated inside and out to safely and effectively prevent bacteria growth for the lifetime of your mattress
Little Dreamer mattress comes standard with an internal fire-resistant barrier–-exceeding the Federal Flammability Standard of FR, fire retardant
Side One–Firm High-Density Foam
Side Two–Extra Firm High-Density Foam
Support edging to keep baby centered on a mattress

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