PlushDeluxe Crib Mattress Protector 100% Waterproof


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PlushDeluxe Crib Mattress Protector 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Vinyl Free – Bamboo Quilted Ultra Soft White Terry Fitted Sheet Style

This mattress protector is machine washableThis mattress protector is machine washable

Easy Care:

This mattress protector is machine washable for hassle-free cleanup. It is compatible with normal household detergents that do not contain bleach.

Great Stay-On Power:

The elastic band makes sure that the mattress protector stays in place and does not slip or bunch up. Your mattress will be completely covered from top, bottom and sides.

Completely Noiseless:

The bamboo mattress protector fits perfectly and does not rustle or make noise to disrupt your sleep. This is especially helpful if you have children or elderly around.

This mattress protector is machine washableThis mattress protector is machine washable

  • ULTRA-SOFT BAMBOO QUILTED SURFACE: The quilted terry cloth top is so soft and luxurious it is almost a shame to cover it with a sheet and it feels like your baby could almost sleep directly on it! Bamboo Quilted is the ideal solution for keeping your mattress clean and fresh. Your baby will love this Crib Mattress Cover.
  • 100% WATERPROOF& BREATHABLE: Our advanced breathable membrane is completely waterproof and breathable allowing for air circulation while repelling obnoxious leaks and spills from everyday liquids keeping your infant dry. Our mattress protector was engineered to endure the endless rigor of multiple spills, soils, and washes
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: So that you can rest assured that your infant is sleeping on something safe, we use only materials that are free from Vinyl, BPA, phthalate, latex, lead, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals. Ideal for babies and young children who are more sensitive or may have
  • THE NOISELESS ONE: You know that the rustle of a newborn can make it hard to sleep soundly if you’re one of the many moms that sleep with your baby in the room. Our fabric is guaranteed soft and noiseless to help keep your little one still so you can sleep on like a baby!
  • FITTED SHEET STYLE: Deep skirt, up to 9”, guaranteed to fit all 28”x52″ crib and toddler mattresses. Tight and snug, without the struggle to get it back on after you wash it. Keep your crib mattress clean and protected while giving your baby a cozy and restful night’s sleep.