QILESUNNY The New Baby Lounger,Breathable Infant Bassinet Mattres… | $69.99


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QILESUNNY The New Baby Lounger,Breathable Infant Bassinet Mattres…

Baby Lounger Baby Nest Portable Newborn Co Sleeper, Durable Canvas Fabric 200% Breathable Infant Bassinet Mattress Floor Seat Travel Crib Baby Bed – Ideal for Newborn Shower Gift

✔Breathable 100% cotton, packed bumper filling :100% low allergenic filling material, bottom: 3D high density filling.Product quality inspection process to ensure that every baby recliner conforms to the standards for baby use
✔This baby nest is developed and designed according to the sleeping constitution of the baby and combined with the principle of ergonomics, which is more in line with the growth needs of the baby. With it, you don’t have to worry about pressing the baby when sleeping at night
✔The extended space can be used when the baby is about 3 years old. It can be opened and extended according to the growth of the baby. The tail band can extend the space freely
✔It is our philosophy to create quality products for the vast number of users, so when you encounter any problems in the process of using, you can contact us through Amazon.If you are one of our lucky customers, you will find a little surprise in the package you receive