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Stroller Bar for Babyzen YoYo and Yoyo+ – Armrest, Handle, Bumper…

Do you love your Babyzen YoYo stroller but wish it had a handlebar? We have the solution! This armrest and bumper bar is compatible with the YoYo+ stroller, and snaps right on in a second! It even gets tucked in perfectly when you fold it too! Product Features Bumper Bar for YoYo Stroller
Foldable with Stroller
Inner Layer of Foam
Zipper Our Neutral Stroller Bumper Bar adds an extra layer of protection for your child to help keep them secure when they lean out to see the world. It also offers a bar to attach toys and other items to the stroller.Extraordinary Collision ProtectionLet’s be real, walking around a crowded area with a stroller is tough. With all the people, trees, walls, and many other obstacles in the way, steering a baby stroller can resort to being a difficult task for even the highest skilled nannies. Accidentally bumping into a curb can hurt the baby with the recoil. Fear no more as our bumper bars were designed to protect the baby against any possible collision that it comes across. No matter what you bump into, the cushioned bar will keep your baby snug and free of any potential harm that may have come his or her way. If babies could talk they would thank you each and every day you kept them protected by equipping their beloved strollers with one of our bumper bars!Pick One of Two Wonderful Materials!The PU Leather Bar looks great and will match your YoYo stroller perfectly with its sleek design so your baby can be the coolest kid on the block! The faux leather material also allows for an easy-to-wipe-down surface for whatever mess your child may make. The Oxford Cotton Bar is more durable and waterproof so it won’t get damaged in the rain. Its thickness also allows for protection against the strongest of biting urges your baby has to minimize any potential damage.

FAST & EASY INSTALLATION: Mounting the bar onto the YoYo+ stroller could not be easier. It is designed to be installed in seconds, and all it takes to attach is to snap it on to the frame!
FOLDS WITH YOUR STROLLER: Our armrest becomes a part of your stroller, and it easily folds with your stroller so you never have to take it off when you put away or fold your stroller.
CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: This bar is available in PU Leather (faux leather) or waterproof Oxford Cloth. Each is made with premium quality materials, and is designed for long lasting use.
PADDED SUPPORT: This armrest stroller bar has an extra layer of foam on the inside for added comfort, and the outer cover can be zippered on or off for quick and easy cleaning.